Here are some examples of our latest work. 
Marshal Wilson Barnes Announces Florida Supreme Court at first Bush v. Gore Argument  (38 seconds)
Chief Justice Wells Asks David Boies if December 12, 2000 is when case must be concluded.  (45 seconds)
NOVEMBER 20, 2000
Deputy AG Paul Hancock Argues County Officials Must Consider Voter Intent/Timing of Recount (1 minute 6 seconds)
Opening statement of Barry Richard, attorney for  Governor Bush
(2 minutes 39 seconds)
Justices Major Harding and Barbara Pariente question attorney Joseph Klock (2 minutes 12 seconds)
Justice Harding Asks Boies How Court Can Determine Date By Which Secretary Must Certify.  (2 minutes 14 seconds)
Chief Justice Wells Asks Joseph Klock About When Secretary Must Certify Votes.  
(3 minutes 6 seconds)
Joseph Klock Discusses Difference Between Protest and Contest Phase of Challenging Election.  (1 minute 12 seconds)
Michael Carvin Argues Florida Supreme Court Can Not Change Rules After Election 
(50 seconds)
December 7, 2000
Chief Justice Wells Asks David Boies About McPherson v. Blacker and Court's Power
  (4 minutes 57 seconds)
Justice Lewis Asks If Court Should Order Statewide Recount if Sides With Gore 
 (1 minute 2 seconds)
Justice Quince Questions David Boies as to the Standard for Ordering Recount  
(2 minutes 19 seconds)
Barry Richard Answers Question About McPherson v. Blacker  
(2 minutes 18 seconds)
Joseph Klock and Justice Anstead Discuss Impact of McPherson v. Blacker 
 (3 minutes 53 seconds)
Chief Justice Wells Asks Whether Enough Time Remains for Recount  
(1 minute 15 seconds)
*All videos are clips from Gavel to Gavel Video Portal, which contains archives of Florida Supreme Court arguments located at